Company policy

  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
  • The company management shall create motivational environment for employees; by fair remuneration, it motivates all employees to deliver flawless work performance while satisfying requirements of customers
  • We monitor new trends and we progress together with the dynamically developing market so that our company is always able to meet requirements of customers for quality of services and supplies
  • We discover needs of our customers by communication with them and we mark ourselves off our competitors by flexible reactions to their needs to keep their trust
  • We create conditions and allocate resources for quality of work performance and we upgrade the material equipment of the company necessary for performance of orders
  • Quality is the first and basic task; all company employees in all management and executive levels are responsible for meeting this task
  • We do our best to assure safety and health protection of workers and visitors
  • By prevention we avoid accidents, near misses and situations that could lead to an adverse impact on health of employees and environment and its pollution
  • We assure and enforce all obligations resulting from legal and other requirements
  • We maintain the built integrated management system and provide for continuous improvement of its efficiency


Top management of PROFI STEEL HOLDING s.r.o. is fully aware of its responsibility for elimination of environmental risks resulting from activities, products, and services of the company acting as a supplier of services in the field of engineering, management, installation, and reconstruction of equipment for power, heat, pharmaceutical, food, and petrochemical industries.

In order to achieve permanent improvement of the environmental behaviour, top management hereby, in compliance with the company’s vision and with the overall corporate policy and quality and safety policies, undertakes to:

  • regularly identify environmental aspects, define and review target and objectives, preventively adopt programmes for eliminating environmental aspects;
  • provide organizational and material conditions for following respective legal and other requirements to be followed by the company upon the company’s own obligation;
  • within the pollution prevention, reduce or eliminate environmental impacts of the company’s activities and products by means of developing, designing, and manufacturing products with lower environmental impacts;
  • reduce emission rates by implementing new technologies and installing modern production facilities;
  • reduce the amount of waste and power consumption by choosing more appropriate chemicals and mixtures and by using power and material resources in a more economical way;
  • establish procedures for preventing potential occurrence of emergency threats and situations;
  • educate employees in the field of the environmental management system and instruct them to fulfil tasks in the field of environmental improvements.


A satisfied customer is a guarantee of company profitability.
A profitable company is a guarantee of satisfied workers.
A satisfied and active worker is a guarantee of satisfied customers.


To provide as wide as possible range of customers with highly professional, expert and reliable services and products in the field of:
Welding, locksmith, pipe fitting works


Dear business partners,

The Code of Ethics for business partners of Profisteel holding, s.r.o. company contains ethic principles that we deem as very important in our business relationships and we expect their observing from our contractors.

These ethic principles include:

  1. Goods and services – business partners of Profisteel holding, s.r.o. company provide high-quality and safe goods and services; in required deadline they provide all necessary information that are true, accurate and clear. In oral as well as written communication they respect etic rules of behaviour. Information related to customers are deemed as confidential.
  2. Financial information and bookkeeping – business partners are obliged to keep their financial and accounting statements transparent.
  3. Property (assets) – in case the fulfilment of contractual commitments is related to using of the property of Profisteel holding, s.r.o. company the business partners take the responsibility for condition and adequate, careful and economical usage of this property.
  4. Intellectual property – business partners respect that significant and non-public ideas, strategies and other business information that originated in Profisteel holding, s.r.o. company are the property of Profisteel holding, s.r.o. and they are protected by law.
  5. Misuse of confidential internal information – all information related to relationships between the Profisteel holding, s.r.o. company and its business partners are deemed as confidential. Business partners shall not use such information in unlawful way in order to acquire financial benefits.
  6. Human rights – business partners of Profisteel holding, s.r.o. company respect the right of their employees to freedom in religion, meeting, relaxing, free time and regular paid leave; they apply the principle of fair employment and remuneration in compliance with corresponding regulations.
  7. Prohibition of discrimination – business partners of Profisteel holding, s.r.o. company shall not apply any form of discrimination based on sex, marital status, age, ethnic origin, race, religious and political belief, health disability or sexual orientation.
  8. Harassment – business partners of Profisteel holding, s.r.o. company may not act or behave in the way that could be deemed as violent, threatening, hateful, unfriendly or offensive. Business partners are obliged to contribute to creation of atmosphere of mutual respect and trust without which it is not possible to co-operate and to reach successful results.
  9. Forced and child labour – business partners of Profisteel holding, s.r.o. company do not tolerate any forced, compulsory and child labour in any form.
  10. Health, safety and environmental protection (HSE) – Business partners of Profisteel holding, s.r.o. company observe corresponding regulations and procedures related to health, safety and environmental protection.
  11. Corruption – business partners of Profisteel holding, s.r.o. company conduct their business activities without corruption and deceit and they make sure that acting of their employees or their own contractual partners was not conducted by intention to gain unjust benefit.
  12. Conflict of interests – business partners of Profisteel holding, s.r.o. company do not employ persons who are employees of any of Profisteel holding, s.r.o. companies and they do not enable these persons to acquire property or a share in their companies.
  13. Fair competition – business partners of Profisteel holding, s.r.o. company conduct their business activities in compliance with the rules of fair competition and in compliance with valid provisions of regulations managing the competition.

Business partner of Profisteel holding, s.r.o. company shall assure that each third party/person involved in fulfilment of contractual commitments of the business partner is properly aware of the above mentioned ethic principles and its duty to apply and observe them. In case of repeated serious breaching of these ethic principles from the side of corresponding business partner, Profisteel holding, s.r.o. company shall terminate co-operation with this business partner.

Besides the fact that the business partners of Profisteel holding, s.r.o. company are obliged to assure compliance with mentioned ethic principles, they are also obliged to make effort to know better, to understand and to observe the whole sense of Profisteel holding, s.r.o. Code of Ethics.

Business partners have to inform Profisteel holding, s.r.o. company immediately about each breaching of mentioned ethic principles that they learned and about accepting and implementation of corresponding corrective steps or measures tending to their elimination.

Issued on July 2, 2014

Frtús Radoslav
CEO of Profisteel holding, s.r.o.



Code of ethics

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