Implementation activities

Turn-key supplies:

Provide of turn-key supplies focusing on power industry which includes design, manufacturing, supply, installation of pressure and non-pressure parts of boilers as e.g. pipeline systems, pre-heaters, economisers, bearing and auxiliary structures of the boiler etc. Complete turn-key supplies also include processing of engineering part, namely design, construction documentation, quality documentation and as-built documentation.

Reconstructions, repairs and installations of power equipment and machinery:

Provide of reconstructions and overhauls of boilers using different kinds of fuel during outages, installation and repair of mechanical, pipeline systems, steel structures, heat exchangers and condensers. Within and before implementation of these activities we provide also expert analysis and assessment of original condition with proposal of future measures.

Welding works:

We provide complex welding works that are being performed by qualified and experienced welders with wide range of experience who are able to participate on different types of erection and production activities, e.g. erection of steel structures, welding of pressure and non-pressure vessels, installation of pipeline systems etc. Their experiences include work with materials as ferrite - pearlitic steels, austenitic steels and other standardly used materials. Welding methods including MMA, TIG, MIG, MAG, their combinations and orbital welding under erection and production conditions. Qualification of our welders is periodically verified in accordance with EN and ISO standards in our own welding school under supervision of experienced welding practitioners.

All welders have passed certification tests in accordance with requirements of international standards:

STN EN ISO 17660-1: Welding. Welding of bracing steel. Part 1: Loaded bearing welded joints (ISO 17660-1: 2006)
STN EN ISO 9606-1: Qualification tests of welders. Fusion welding.

Supervision of quality system requirements fulfilment in welding based on EN ISO 3834 – 2 is provided by qualified personnel with the level of qualification of IWS, IWT and IWE together with organisational unit of quality department which within the framework of integrated quality system provides support processes as metrology, internal audits, professional development, processes related to specific requirements of the customers.

Pipeline works:

We provide performance of professional pipeline works which are implemented by trained and experienced pipe fitters and locksmiths with ability to read isometric drawings and other necessary documentation which is essential for performance of assembly and disassembly works.


In co-operation with our verified partners we provide manufacturing of pressure parts of boilers, pipeline systems and steel structures. Manufacturing possibilities include manufacturing within the framework of common European certifications.

NDT tests

We provide also performance of NDT tests for the purposes of inspection and validation of manufacturing and erection welded joints with qualified and experiences personnel. The employees are certified in accordance with STN EN ISO 9712 and authorised also for pressure equipment in accordance with PED 97/23/EC and they are authorised to perform visual and capillary test.

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