Personál Our key staff disposes of long-time experience in heat-power engineering from the field of design, development, supervising activities during construction, project management, site management and quality management. Experiences of our staff, application of international ISO standards as well as awarded certificates for the field of erection and welding are a guarantee that each project is executed with adequate professional care and handed over in required quality.

Since success of each company lies mainly in know-how and professional experiences of its employees we enclose over the framework of the reference also a list of selected personal references of our key employees below.

Personal structure of the company:

  • Mechanical engineers
  • I&C and Electro Specialists
  • Civil engineers
  • Project managers
  • Site Managers
  • QA specialists
  • Commissioning engineers (by suppliers)

Since success of each company lies mainly in know-how and professional experiences of its employees below we mention a list of selected personal references of our key staff beyond the framework of the company reference.

Mondi Dynäs AB, (Väja, Sweden) – Reconstruction of regenerative boiler including boiler drum during an outage in pulp mill

Enel SE a.s. (Mochovce, Slovakia) – project management and inspection activities during installation of high-pressure pipelines in JE Mochovce 1900 MW

Huntstown Power Co. (Huntstown, Ireland) – Manufacturing, pre-erection and installation of provisional equipment for blow-offs in a power plant with combined cycle 400 MW

Tynagh Energy Limited (Tynagh, Ireland) – Design of new arrangement of pressure vessels and corresponding pipelines in the power plant with steam-gas cycle 400 MW

NUH Enerji (Hereke, Turkey): Project management. EPC contract for supply of combined cycle 120 MW by form of „turn- key project “. Complete supplies, erection and putting into operation for local cement mill in Hereke.

1 x gas turbine LM 6000 PC Sprint +1 x boiler for waste heat HRSG – double pressure with integrated deaerator + 1 x steam turbine

FIRST STAGE: Total electric power output: 60 MWe, Gas turbine: 47 MWe, HRSG: 42/13 t/h; 55.5/6.4 bar(g); 426/252°C), Steam turbine: 13 MWe

TOPLOFIKACIA Pleven (Pleven, Bulgaria) – Project management. EPC contract included delivery, erection, putting into operation.

Co-generation unit 33 MWe, boiler for waste heat (HRSG), 75 t/h; 4.5 MPa; 450°C, 1 x GTG GE LM2500 (+G4)

TAKENAKA Europe GmbH (Žilina, Slovakia) – Performance of activities management on site (site management). Contract included supply, erection, of pipeline distributions and cooling units for several production halls (body workshop, varnish workshop, engine workshop, welding workshop) in production plant KIA Slovakia.

Dalkia Industry Žiar nad Hronom, a. s. ( Žiar nad Hronom, Slovakia) – Reconstruction of originally coal steam boiler K6 to heat recovery one with front-end technology for combustion of 100% biomass including logistics and storage.

SPP a.s. (Veľké Kapušany, Slovakia) – Usage of waste heat in compressed air station KS01 Eustream – Usage of waste heat from original gas turbines driving compressors during transport of natural gas, inhaled capacity 30 M, 5 boilers for waste heat, steam turbine, other accessories – heat consumption, electric power output, water treatment – Full scope of activities including owner´s engineering, building permit, tender documentation, supervisory activities

ZSE a.s. member of EON group – Feasibility study performance regarding installation of bio-gas stations in different parts of the Slovak republic.

ZSE a.s. member of EON group – Source for heat and electricity production on the basis of steam-gas cycle situated in western Slovakia with electric power output of 54 MW and thermal output of 32 MWth designed for the purposes of central heating– Detailed feasibility study, suggestion of several alternatives, technical-economical assessment and final recommendation

ZSE a.s. member of EON group - 400 MW power plant Malženice on the basis of steam-gas cycle – Technical analysis and assessment of the whole project in later stage of construction for the purpose of acquisition

ZSE a.s. member of EON group – Design and operation of the source for electricity and heat production– Co-generation unit with gas engine and two boilers for the purpose of heat and electricity production for dairy company RAJO Bratislava – Feasibility study with proposal of several alternatives of source on the basis of combined cycle for the purpose of electricity and heat production

Enercap – 40 MWe, 40 MWt Co-generation source Žilina, Slovakia–Feasibility study and verification of potential consumers of bigger consumers of heat in Žilina.

ZSE a.s. member of EON group –Technical assessment of thermal power plant (Termming Bratislava, Slovakia) before acquisition– Detailed analysis and assessment of production and distribution processes of the company

USS Košice 100MWe, Košice – Slovakia, Reconstruction of the boiler, pressure and non-pressure parts, fuel system including unit start-up.

Amager 80MWe, Coppenhagen – Denmark – supply, erection of pressure pipeline systems of the turbine hall including assembly of equipment.

Santa Cruz 100MWe Cuba, Complete reconstruction of a power unit with supply of material and equipment including the start-up.

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